Our Work

At MPA we not only create, but we teach and empower our peers through new programming concepts

Past Topics



Agile Scrum

Machine Learning

Software Security Principles

We emphasize a project based approach to learning where students not only learn through real life experiences, but they walk away with a tangible product that they feel has made an impact on society

Current Projects

Virginia Prison Doula Project

The Virginia Prison Doula Project provides pregnancy and parenting support to incarcerated parents. Our trained doulas offer emotional, physical and informational support for incarcerated mothers throughout pregnancy, during childbirth and the postpartum period, including support with breastfeeding and lactation. The goal is to nurture healthy relationships and to promote confidence in parenting.

COVID19 Predictor/Grapher

Since to Coronavirus-19 Pandemic, we have been closely following trends in new cases and deaths across the world to more accurately graph the spread of the disease.


Readphones is the only online audio repository of academic curriculum. Bringing the accessibility of podcasts to the education industry, the Readphones web application is tailored to those living with disabilities, those who want to utilize learning in new spaces, those living in developing nations with low-bandwidth infrastructures, and instructors who want to supplement existing curriculum.

We emphasize grooming our members with skills that directly translate into the workplace.

Past Networking Opportunities

Starting A Tech Company While in School

Trey Rustand, who founded Hich Inc. (college ride-sharing app) and Hafiz Bhuyan, President of Drivense (online textbook subscription service) share their unique experience as founders of technology startups and full-time students at James Madison University.