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Minority Programmers Black Lives Matter Hackathon

Launching the first GLOBAL BLACK LIVES MATTER Hackathon!

In an effort to encourage innovation during isolation and combat racial inequality + systemic injustices, the Minority Programmers is launching the Black Lives Matter Hackathon from July 6-26 with over $1000+ in prizes. This is an amazing opportunity to get tech advice, develop a meaningful project, showcase your work to potential employers, and join the network of most diverse programmers.

Want to Teach Coding To Inmates?

We are currently looking for instructors to teach programming courses to individuals at the Augusta Correctional Center (Central Virginia, USA) in Spring 2021. If you are interested in going to the facility to teach, helping develop curriculum, or helping us secure funding please message minorityprogrammers(dot)gmail(dot)com.

Minority Programmers JMU Joins Blockchain Education Network!

The Minority Programmers @ JMU Officially joined the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), the largest and longest running network of students, alumni, professors, teachers, professionals, and community leaders excited about blockchain across the world. MPA JMU realizes the utility blockchain has for preserving data integrity, security, privacy, inclusion, and decentralization MPA JMU is excited to have access to the immense resources BEN has to offer to programmers across the world.

Mason Blockchain Founder Shadman Hossain, Minority Programmers Blockchain Cryptocurrency Webinar

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency 101

On Tuesday, June 30th at 7PM EST, the Minority Programmers is proud to welcome Blockchain Engineer, Founder/President of Blockchain at Mason, and Founder of SainCapital, Shadman Hossain. He will give us a breakdown of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and. how we can develop our own cryptocurrency tokens.

Last Mile: Learning Code in Prison

We had the Director of Programs at The Last Mile, Sydney Heller, talk to us about the wonderful work his organization does teaching incarcerated individuals to code in prison. Originally started in the oldest prison in California, San Quentin, the Last Mile program teaches software engineering principles earning inmates competitive wages in men’s, women’s, and youth correctional facilities. Sydney gave an overview of his program and how we can help expand this. We are honored to have such a wonderful organization share their steps to success, especially in such times where there are not many successful outlets to tackle the injustices we are increasingly becoming aware of.

Learning Code in Prison: The Last Mile Webinar Ad

JMU Tech Startup Webinar + Q&A

MPA/CDC: Software Security Principles

MPA COVID-19 Hackathon Results

In a race to end in COVID-19 in its track the world is coming together to tackle the disease from all facets. We decided especially, in tough economic times, to inspire people to use STEM to join the fight, by awarding $1000 prize on a 3-weeklong challenge. See the results of the competition here!

Kush Gupta JMU CS Department The Breeze

Software solutions for underprivileged communities made by minorities

The STEM field is the easiest way for underprivileged communities to attain upward mobility. At the same time, the power of technology has the ability to facilitate change in those same communities in order to stop systemic injustices.

Building a network of computing professionals

Minority Programmers is a international coalition of skilled computing professionals, students, hobbyists, and advocates looking to mentor and develop others in the field.

Abele Maddie CS Photo

Bringing STEM to underrepresented populations

MPA does outreach to local communities based on its chapter model to both educate and provide resources in STEM. We also come from developing nations and we in the works of bringing STEM education into our homelands of India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, China, etc.