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MPA COVID19 Hackathon

In a race to end in COVID-19 in its track the world is coming together to tackle the disease from all facets. We decided especially, in tough economic times, to inspire people to use STEM to join the fight, by awarding $1000 prize on a 3-weeklong challenge. See the results of the competition here!

JMU Tech Startups Webinar & Q+A (WATCH NOW)

MPA/CDC: Software Security Principles

MPA COVID-19 Hackathon Results

Kush Gupta JMU CS Department The Breeze

Software solutions for underprivileged communities made by minorities

The STEM field is the easiest way for underprivileged communities to attain upward mobility. At the same time, the power of technology has the ability to facilitate change in those same communities in order to stop systemic injustices.

Building a network of computing professionals

Minority Programmers is a international coalition of skilled computing professionals, students, hobbyists, and advocates looking to mentor and develop others in the field.

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Bringing STEM to underrepresented populations

MPA does outreach to local communities based on its chapter model to both educate and provide resources in STEM. We also come from developing nations and we in the works of bringing STEM education into our homelands of India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, China, etc.